Monday, April 23, 2012

Now I know why Shea calls him the God-King

Obama promoting Christian Unity! Heh.
An organization representing one million Christians in southwestern Pennsylvania has pledged its support for the Roman Catholic bishop and asked the Obama administration to change the law requiring religious institutions to provide contraception and abortion-inducing drugs in their health care plans.
The Christian Associates of Southwest Pennsylvania, a group representing 2,000 congregations and 26 denominations in ten counties in the region, released astatement last Friday expressing anxiety about the HHS mandate.
The diverse body said its opposition did not spring from theological opposition to birth control but out of respect for American traditions enshrined in her founding document.
“Our deep concern overt his mandate does not arise from the varying convictions we have about the moral content of the mandate, but from our common commitment to the right of religious freedom that all people of faith expect to enjoy in this country,” the statement reads. “The Constitution of the United States guarantees every religious institution and its affiliated bodies the inalienable right to define its own identity and ministries and to practice its own beliefs, not just freedom of worship.”

The Lord moves in mysterious ways. LSN 

Yet another story.

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