Monday, April 2, 2012

There is only one Mark Shea

He responds to this story at LSN:

The cult of sterile sex is a persecuting faith that would rather a million poor people suffer than that plump narcisisstic suburban Americans feel threatened by the thought of a Catholic disapproving of their devotion to the sacrament of abortion. These people would rather banish the Catholic Church from the works of mercy that keep the infrastructures of this country from overheating and seizing like an engine with no oil than consider the possibility that the Church is right about the American idolatry of sterile sex and child murder. They don’t care about the victims of human trafficking. There’s no “all hands on deck” willingness to welcome the absolutely free help the Church provides in charity to assist in a grave emergency. These people care about their own crotches and nothing else and are willing to use the victims of trafficking as human shields in an attempt to force abortion on the Church.

Amen, brother. 

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