Friday, May 11, 2012

The Shea on the Gospel According to Gaia

Now, in the latest “Shut up!’ he explained” moment from the faith-based climate change community somebody calls for “denialists” (read: “heretics”) to be “tracked” and their houses to be allowed to burn (you know, if they should somehow, for some reason or other, just spontaneously catch fire for some unknown reason). This is of a piece with previous pleas to “suspend democracy” (but of course only until the present crisis is past, as in 1933). Also from the totalitarian playbook comes the call to treat heretics for “mental illness” and to label them as akin to racists.

I love that guy! Even though he sometimes does curious and wacky things like unjustly lumping all Canadians together as though we were mindless Orwellian sheep. Hey, Mark, allow me to say here what I couldn't say on your blog (because it wouldn't let me post a comment): Asking Canadians why we 'put up with' this sort of crap is like us asking Americans why they put up with the Obama administration. Just sayin.

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