Thursday, December 15, 2016

She comes from a land Down Under

Mrs Beazly and I are excited to introduce a new member to our blogging team: Mrs Tenenblurn, who hails from Melbourne, Australia. I am not going to tell you her whole life story, but I will say that she is a very good cook, and an even better mum, and I would say so even if she were not our sister-in-law, which she is. (DOH may be going global, but we're keeping it in the family.) She approves of both vodka and sanctity, among many other Things and Stuff, so we think she'll fit right in. Welcome, Mrs T! Or should I say, "G'day Shiela!"

(Some of you might want to prepare by bookmarking the Aussie Slang Dictionary, just in case she starts talking about Cobbers, Wowsers, Zacks, or Bities.)

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