Saturday, December 1, 2012

You knew I wasn't about to let this headline slip past me...

CBC trashes homeschooling mothers as incompetent, uneducated, and sexually irresponsible

They say that like it's a bad thing! Let's think about this for a minute. The journalist in question is a left-lib feminist who works for a lefty, anti-family, anti-life, anti-faith state broadcaster--the CBC. Come, fellow homeschoolers, it would be an insult to be applauded by these people. If they approved of us, it would mean we were not doing our jobs properly. So rejoice, as the Beatitudes say. 

Now let's deconstruct:
 Incompetent? How so, if the stats consistently show otherwise? Some of us are chronically disorganized and yet somehow we still send forth kids who excel at university, trades, careers, music, and well, life. Sure there are incompetent homeschoolers. Just as there are incompetent public (and private) school teachers, carpenters, nurses, firemen,writers, doctors, janitors, butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers. It's called fallen human nature. 

The problem, in fact, is that homeschooling parents are too competent, because we raise children who resist the lockstep thinking and political correctness of popular culture, big government... and the CBC. 

Uneducated. This is a funny one. I think they really mean un-indoctrinated by Offical Goodthink. Some educated people don't believe in God, but they believe that politicians can control sea levels and the temperature of the planet. Some people are so highly educated that they think there are 56 genders and child porn is art. Medical doctors in Canada recently declared (in public, with straight faces!) that human life begins at birth. Birth. Highly educated feminists declare  that sex-selective abortion is A-OK, because it underpins a woman's right to... be bullied by her husband or other (sometimes female) relatives into eliminating half the human race. The female half. Some forms of indoctrination you can truly live without. 

It's funny how one-room schoolhouses in pioneer days used to be run by 16-year-olds with basically a high school education, yet turned out competent and productive students; now we have folks with Masters and PhD's in charge, and core subjects are being neglected. Tragic. 

Sexually irresponsible: this is the best one. Homeschoolers on average tend to have larger families. This means, according to the CBC, that we "don't know how to use a condom." According to the current zeitgeist, it's irresponsible to be married for life and sleep exclusively with the same person for 50+ years, to not use chemicals, devices, or surgery that can make you ill or ruin your marriage. Irresponsible to trust God as to the size and makeup of your family, and irresponsible to teach your children to do the same. Guilty as charged, and proud of it! This is the new sexual revolution. 

One thing the CBC needs to realize: homeschoolers never have, and never will look to them (or anyone else, besides God) for approval of our lifestyle and vocations. Thus endeth the rant. 

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  1. Well put, Mrs. Pinkerton, well put!! I was almost standing and cheering as I reached the end of your article.