Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I love my Breville mixer

It really helped make my Thanksgiving weekend stress-free. This is my beautiful machine, and it was given to me in 2014 for a *cough* milestone birthday by my seven beautiful daughters. 

They ordered it from Amazon.ca (where it appears the price has gone up a bit from last year). 

However, it's still less expensive than this baby--"discounted" price $500 (down from $700!!). Yet the Breville (an Australian make and model, modelled very effectively by this lovely Australian model) has roughly the same amount of power as the (575 watt) KitchenAid Pro 600 model below. I have had a KitchenAid experience (conflated with a Costco experience) which I will tell another day.  

My Breville was the star of Thanksgiving weekend. It mixed up my pie crust, my wheat salad, whipped my cream (for the pie), and most impressively, mixed up my nearly 5-1/2 dozen (tiny) Awesome Potato Rolls (I'm not boasting; that's actually the name of the recipe--see Company's Coming: Breads cookbook). However (now I am boasting), the kids did say that the buns tasted like my Mom's, which is sort of the highest compliment I could ask for. (The secret is the mashed potatoes--makes the buns soooooo soft and tasty.)

Serious bakers, beware! At 550 watts, this machine is "medium duty." It will NOT do large recipes or very heavy doughs, but that's ok, because I have fewer kids at home now, and I no longer do really big batches of anything. If you need more power, get a bigger machine (more than 700 watts; my other mixer, now sold by Blend Tec, is 1000 watts. I've had it since 1999). 

The Breville stand mixer didn't get all the glory, however. Miss P #6 used my new Breville immersion blender (birthday 2015 gift from the girls) to mix up the pie filling, and Mr P used it to mix up the orange juice on Sunday morning (so much quicker than stabbing the frozen blocks of concentrate with a wooden spoon for half an hour).
Fifteen speeds, people. My old immersion blender had one. 

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