Thursday, January 21, 2010

This Week's Topic: How to Repair a Dishwasher

 Mr. Beazly insists that we need a new dishwasher. I insist that our current dishwasher works perfectly fine, except for the cup and a half of water that leaks out the bottom every time we use it. (That's what God gave us towels for, right?)

 Whether we repair this dishwasher or buy a new one, we're going to be spending a lot of money. The two appliance repair shops I called want sixty bucks up front and then  15 - 17 dollars PER QUARTER HOUR for their time. We are always being scolded by the enviro-nannies for throwing too many things away, but is it any wonder no one repairs anything when it costs ten times what the appliance is worth just to have someone come and look at it?  Add onto that the cost for parts, if they still even make them for our ten year old dishwasher. I quickly ruled out professional help, although I may need some of a psychological nature since my next course of action was to see if I could fix it myself.

I took the front panel off the dishwasher, because that was what the interweb told me to do. As I lay on the floor looking at all the wires and hoses I was reminded of that Jerry Seinfeld bit where he ponders why he ever attempts to fix things that break. "When I open this thing up, what am I expecting to see that I could possibly fix?" Jerry wonders. "A snowman with his hat off?"

Well, that's what I'm always expecting to see. Consequently, my house is full of broken small appliances with their panels missing. Anyway, after watching for the spot where the water was coming out as the dishwasher ran, and then doing a bunch of internet research, I now have some quick and easy steps to help you, dear reader, through your very own dishwasher repair, should you ever need to perform one.

Step 1: Open up the front panel, as discussed above.
Step 2: Look for the part of the mechanism that is causing trouble. If it looks like this (see Figure A):

you are home free. Effect the needed repair as per Figure B:

 Be prepared, however, for the following possibilities:
a) The hat might be damaged.
b) A new hat might cost $300.
c) The snowman might need a new head.

In that case, proceed to

Step 3: Admit that your husband is right and get ready to go out shopping for a new dishwasher.


  1. For all those who don't read the language in the comment above, Google translator claims it reads:


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    January 22, 2010 4:59 AM

    Which, as I'm sure you can tell, was EXACTLY what I was thinking as I wrote this post.

  2. For many more comments JUST like the first one, check out this site:

  3. I suppose I should add that the "first" comment was permanently deleted. It was in Chinese and was randomly generated spam.

    Just so you don't think we're nuts... (or any more nuts than usual).