Wednesday, April 1, 2015

"Millennials don’t polish silver."

Well, good for you, kids! Actually, a lot of Boomers won't polish silver either. However, some of us don't mind doing it  (once every 20 years, that is), so kindly just leave us to our silver tea sets and vintage flatware. You've got your "Likes" on Facebook, your Instagram, and your Twitter--just don't y'all go feeling smug and self-righteous about your tiny homes and your not having stuff (sadly, some of the "clutter" that Millennials have given up on having includes "kids").

Everybody seems to like shiny things. I personally prefer drinking out of mine (with a friend is best), where others prefer watching YouTube videos or texting on their shiny things. Same difference. I love my recently acquired vintage Kings Crown (ruby red flashed) "thumbprint" wine/water goblets, cordial glasses, and footed dessert bowls (photos to follow), but if you feel all cozy and homey and fulfilled by the sight of your iPhone on your minimalist acrylic coffee table, more power to you.

By the way, I have yet to cash in on all (or any) of these people who are allegedly selling lovely vintage or antique dining sets. I've been searching for nearly two years, in two provinces, and still haven't found one in good shape. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the influx of cool vintage stuff to thrift stores. My kids can trash it all when I'm gone, and according to the article linked above, they will. C'est la vie.

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