Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Free advice for Tim Hortons

"Drive Thru" 
for bicycles and horses and buggies only...no, wait. 

Who is advising you guys? An operative from Starbucks? Second Cup? McDonald's? As Napoleon Dynamite would say, "Idiot!" Timmy's, you've already shot yourself in both feet. Don't aim for your knees now. Time to extract the bullets and bind up the wounds, if you want to survive amongst working class Canadians. Do not cave to the enviro-nazis who hate Ethical Oil (Canadian energy) but don't mind doing business with misogynistic OPEC dictators.

However, if you want to be trampled under by Starbucks, go ahead; assisted suicide is now legal in Canada. If you're gonna stiff blue collar Canadians (and your own energy sector--what powers your coffeemakers--wind turbines?) then I can forego your frosty chocolate thingy, no matter how tasty it looks.

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