Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Every so often, you have to give thanks

...that the Sixties are over. I was watching Sponge Bob Squarepants with my 11-year-old and they used this song on the background track. I'd never heard it before, but of course I immediately recognized the voice, and googled accordingly.

One thing I found remarkable was how natural and incredibly at ease he was throughout the entire performance. Cringeworthy, and it makes you wonder how Simon Cowell would have reacted, had those "Whatzit's Got Talent" or similar shows existed back then. Enjoy. Or not.



  1. You gotta love an entertainer who fully commits to the performance!
    I couldn't get over Tiny Tim's likeness to Robert Smith from The Cure. The same moves & wacky eye-ball rolling. Dare I say Robert Smith even sounds like Tiny Tim with a head-cold?
    Funny that only one of these 2 fellas was covered in all sorts of indie-cred, hey?

    1. Googling Robert Smith and "The Cure". I obviously don't get out enough...