Monday, October 3, 2016

Fried Green Tomatoes

Have you ever eaten them? And if so, what did you think? I speak mainly to my Canadian readers (mainly because I know that 4/6 of you are Canadian; there is one American and one Australian among you.) A few weeks ago, we decided to give this famous Southern dish a try. 

I must admit to being unimpressed. But I also must admit to having made a mistake and put TRIPLE the amount of salt into the recipe. It was a group-mistake: my daughter was helping mix the spices, and she grabbed the tablespoon instead of the teaspoon. But then I took the tablespoon from her and used it to measure the salt, without once looking down at it and thinking/saying, "Hey, this is a tablespoon!" (Dementia, anyone?)

So yeah, they were too salty. But even if they hadn't been, I can't say that I liked the tanginess of the green tomato inside the batter. But I am willing to give them another try, perhaps with another recipe (we just grabbed a random recipe online).

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