Friday, January 6, 2017

Retro Cookie Charm

Yes, by golly, it's the vintage Tupperware cookie cutters! Did you have these as a child? (In other words, did your mom or grandmother?) Our mom did, and my sisters and I grew up baking with them. So much fun (but I never understood the pig. Why a pig? What holiday has a pig for an emblem? I found only National Pig Day, but that's a bit of a stretch, especially since the holiday only seems to date from 1972! Something to do with Ireland was the best I could come up with, but there is clearly no shamrock associated with the Tupperware piggy.)

Many twenty years ago or so, I was at a garage sale, and I found two of them: the Santa and the gingerbread boy. I was so excited, I bought them right away. But the entire set eluded me (eBay, of course, was not invented back then) Then last year (Christmas 2015), I received this set from the Beazly household. As I vaguely recall, I squealed in a most unladylike fashion when I opened the box and saw them all there. 

We're ready for our close-ups, Mr. de Mille...

And that's all! The one below is not in my possession--found the picture online.  

 (We didn't have it as kids, did we, Mrs Beazly? 
I don't think it was ever available in Canada, and with good reason.)


  1. No, I've never seen the American flag cookie cutter. But I hope to capture one in the wild (Value Village) someday.

    1. I wonder if Tupperware manufactured these before there were 50 states? Now that would be some collector's item!