Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Easiest Keto snack of all time

 Cheese "chips"

Well, OK, maybe not as easy as opening a bag of nuts. And only suitable for people who can eat dairy. This can help satisfy the craving for potato chips or other salty carbs snacks. 

1) Grate cheese
2) Fill a baking sheet with parchment paper, then spread cheese evenly. (I use an Epicure silicone pan liner: Worth. Every. Penny.) Note: some recipes say to make little piles of shredded cheese, but I find this too time-consuming. 
3) OPTIONAL: Sprinkle seeds, herbs, spices, or ground flax over top
4) Bake till cheese is brown and crispy (350 F is hot enough, but you can go as high as 400 F; just watch to make sure cheese doesn't burn)
5) Cool and cut apart. 

PS You can freeze these, but they will lose their crispiness. However, chewy is fine too. 

Removed from pan.

Cheese was cut in strips before baking.
Ready for freezing
The larger size makes them great for dipping and scooping (guacamole)
Left: a chip made from a tiny pile of shredded cheese;
Right: a chip cut from a strip of cheese.

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