Monday, August 16, 2010

The Albums We Never Listen To

For the estimated 33-67% of DOH's readers who are Blue Rodeo fans, I have made a brief survey of their latest album, The Things We Left Behind. Aside from "Sheba" and "One Light Left in Heaven", first results are not encouraging.

Come on, guys! I've been sticking with you for a good 20 years.  Are you really offering me another album composed mostly of Greg Keelor singing in successively tighter pairs of underpants while a cello plays soulfully in the background? Thank goodness for Jim Cuddy.

I hope this album can grow on me. Meanwhile, give this a try.


  1. You made me real homesick Mrs. B. Then you said Greg Keelor so I've started to look for a house here instead.

  2. You can come back - private music collections aren't subject to Canadian content laws...yet.