Monday, August 9, 2010

A Story About Courage

Life Site News features a story about a Lutheran pastor who

"has been outspoken in his defense of traditional marriage and who has criticized the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America for allowing individuals in active homosexual relationships to serve as clergy."

He also deals with his own feelings of same-sex attraction by devoting himself to prayer and striving to live a life of chastity. That these entirely consistent actions were viewed as hypocritical and in need of exposure highlights the profound misunderstanding many people have regarding orthodox Christian teaching about homosexuality - and about sexuality in general. Christianity says to people who experience same-sex attraction just what it says to the single man attracted to a married woman, to the man who is tempted to drink too much, to the woman who is tempted to spend too much, and to all of us sinners: choose the freedom of life in Christ instead of being enslaved by your passions.

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