Friday, July 15, 2011

It's a slow slow summer day

When the one and only email you receive in a day is spam, and it's an ad for "Max Gentleman Enlargement Pills". And I have to ask, "Why?" I'm a girl, with "lady" in my email address. I mean, I could see getting targeted by this stuff if I was a guy, and had a name like Dick Small or Peter Short or Pyu Nee Wang, or (most unlikely of all) Anthony Wiener; or if I had an unhappy-sounding guy email address, like or something like that... OK, I'll stop already. Time to go chill with a Mike's Hard Lime (no entendre intended).

 If they knew me they would target me with spam subject headings like this: Don't Know What to Make for Supper?; Easy Ways to Keep Your Garden Weed-Free; or Guaranteed Kitchen Renovation--NOW!

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