Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kitchen dreams

As usual, I'm half a decade behind the trend-setters, but lately, I've been thinking that I might do the casual, eclectic, unfitted (or freestanding) kitchen thing when Mr. P and I do our reno. Not only would it be easier and quicker than a custom built-in (we could install it almost entirely ourselves), but it would cost a lot less (music to Mr. P's ears). Another plus: I won't have to give up some old, well-loved pieces that I feared we wouldn't have room for (like a heavy oak work table that Mr. P. and I refinished in our newlywed days, and our Art Deco china cabinet). Double Plus: if I feel like it, I can rearrange my kitchen! Not every housewife can say that.

I  even found an article that affirmed some of the reasons my heart (and/or "design aesthetic") has been tugged in this direction. 
Kitchens should be an expression of individuality and comfort, not places of sameness, repetition and rigid geometry." [...]
Most people who take out a fitted kitchen complain that they have too many cupboards filled with useless items that they would rather get rid of".
And how! I used to think I didn't have enough storage space. Now I think I've got too much, and it's all crappy (hard to reach etc.). I'd rather have a few good shelves and drawers holding a few frequently used items and have some space to breathe in my kitchen, than be suffocated by cabinets. When you have wall to wall, floor to ceiling storage, it eventually fills up with appliances and pots you never use, eight million yogurt containers (some without matching lids), and stuff like Tupperware jello ring moulds.

Time to get rid of the monolithic, ultra-dark, mid-70s cookie cutter cabinets and go for a light spacious open airy comfy country look.

 Cuz I think this:

looks better than this:


  1. I prefer the unfitted/freestanding kitchen too. My dream is to one day have one of these:
    And I think they look so much nicer a country kitchen.
    Besides, Mrs P, can you imagine how fabulous our afternoons would be drinking cups of tea & nibbling cinnamon buns sitting around a big table in an eat-in kitchen?

  2. Ooooh AGAs!! Only in my dreams... (how the heck do they work, anyway?)
    Tea and cinnamon buns: from our lips to God's ears. There is a house for sale on the block next to ours. I can see the front yard from my patio. And I can assure you, it doesn't cost $800K. It does need work, though. But even demolition and building new would be cheaper than buying in Oz. So move here, already!