Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Good news for Mrs. Jones

I think she just made a million dollars. Mrs. Blurn, your kitchen is small, but lovely. And CLEAN. Mrs. Jones wins the prize for the smallest kitchen. Cuz you can open your fridge, and she can't. Not without hitting the base cabinets on the opposite side. True story. These are very nice pics. You would never know a mother of six lives here and had time to clean her kitchen. 

(Mrs. Blurn's comments in italics. Mine in not-italics.) 

Note Joanna Bogle book on my trolley, waiting to be used for the liturgically appropriate Christmas cooking that didn't eventuate this year.
You have room for a trolley. Oh, and I love the magnetic knife rack. That's on my wish list. 

White subway tile: score.

Bench space speaks for itself
(I'm guessing that's Ozian for countertop) 

Stainless steel integrated drain board: score. They are standard in Oz; you have to special order them here, which is jist as stupid. I mean, how many of those crappy Rubber dish drain things do you have to buy (then watch as they crack and mould) and then throw away? There must be some kind of Rubbermaid conspiracy here that makes integrated steel drainboards so rare. 

Look at that poor Kitchenaid mixer tucked away in shame.

No reason for shame: for one thing, it's RED (score). For another, dig that counter-to-cabinet clearance! In her last apartment, Mrs. Jones did not even have room to accommodate her mixer on her countertop (there must have been like ten inches of clearance).

Lovely window size; white trim: score. WINDOW: score (Mrs. J. doesn't have one)

(Is that ceramic tile on the floor? I have three layers of linoleum (70s, 80s and 90s) and some bare patches of plywood where we ripped out cabinets) 
Saddest part: I'm thinking, "Well, the 90s stuff is fairly new." Yah, right, only pushing 22!)

Verdict: the only thing bad about your kitchen is that it is NOT IN CANADA.
Thank you, Mrs. Blurn, for the virtual tour of your kitchen.


  1. Hey, maybe I should do a virtual tour of the rest of my house? Apparently it's the only way it will ever be cleaned!

    Mrs Jones, you poor love. I know how difficult it is to manage in our little kitchen so I really do sympathise. How about you loan us a couple of those million bucks you just made & buy us a house in Canada???

  2. But not in Vancouver. Real estate is insane there. A million for a crappy bungalow.

  3. Where in Canada would you like this house to be purchased, Mrs. Blurn? As soon as I gain possession of the millions from the wager, I will send some to Mrs. Pinkerton to forward on to you.

  4. I just received not one, but two emails from some lottery in Holland (for which I never bought a ticket, and indeed of which I have never heard) that I WON! Do you think I should send them a confirmation email and my bank account information so they can deposit my winnings?

  5. Hey, can I get in on this? I hate my kitchen, too!

    Mrs. P., I strongly advise you to send your bank account number to the guy in Nigeria who is guarding mine.