Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why I love

Not only do they have a lot of purdy pictures,

but they understand me.

This year, the driving force behind what we want in our kitchens is our need for calming spaces and improved functionality to reduce stress in our busy lives.
Amen, and again I say unto you, Amen.

I liked this link: 12 Ways to Enjoy Your Kitchen More This Year

 I agree with #7 "Get rid of your cabinets". Done...but maybe I should have waited till we decided on some new ones. Other ideas are not so practical, i.e. "Introduce artwork" (exactly how do you get greasy caked-on dust off a sculpture or a painting?) My kitchen artwork is all done in wax crayon and stuck on the fridge with magnets. Alas, for many of us, these are the most practical 12 ways to enjoys our kitchens more this year:

1)  Spend less time in it.
2)  Move to a different house
3)  Move to a different house
4)  Move to a different house
5)  Move to a different house
6)  Move to a different house
7)  Move to a different house
8)  Move to a different house
9)  Move to a different house 
10) Move to a different house  
11) Move to a different house  
12) Move to a different house 


  1. I'm with you on the art work. Can you imagine how often you'd have to clean that thing in the picture in order to keep it from looking like a nightmare...moreso?

    I'm still waiting for the kitchen book that tells you how to co-ordinate your decor with duct tape residue.

  2. I think duct tape residue is an integral component of the shabby chic aesthetic, so you're way ahead of the trend.