Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Like a kid in a candy store

is how I feel when I get to read about Pope Benedict XVI and Flannery O'Connor in the same article.

Damian J. Ference, at the wonderful site, Dappled Things. Enjoy.

[B]oth O’Connor and Benedict write for a similar audience, an audience that for the most part, thinks that Christian belief is absurd.

Being an admirer of both writers, it has struck me that there is a deep connection between them, that as Catholic Christians, Flannery O’Connor and Benedict XVI both ground not only their work, but their very lives, in belief in the Incarnation, and that both O’Connor and Benedict are unapologetic in working to bring their readers to a fuller understanding of and appreciation for the specifi city of the person of Jesus Christ.
But Damian, you need not be "struck" by this. That is how Catholicism works.

Mybad: Mrs. B sent me the link for this article, and I was remiss in not mentioning that.


  1. I'm jumping up and down! Can't wait to read the article! Thanks for the link.

    Wish you were close by and we could have coffee or go for a walk!

  2. It's a great article. I'm very late to the Flannery Fan Club, but she has changed my life, and will (I hope) change the way I write. We'll have that coffee one of these days! Thanks for the comment.