Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sorely tempted

to give in to Amazon's exhortation to "Get Yourself a Little Something." Except from my budgetary perspective, this is hardly a 'little' something. But, as my 3-year-old once said when gazing at a toy mermaid in a store: "All my life, I've longed for one of these."

I've seen this machine priced at close to $700 in some swanky kitchen shops. On Amazon it's usually $549 and now it's $120 off.

So shiny

Oh, if only I lived in the U.S.! I could swing this as a preventive health care expense and somehow get the taxpayers to pick up the tab! (I want the pasta attachment too, and a grain grinder, so I can start making whole wheat pasta for my family, which of course is much healthier than white...)

Alternately, I could be like some bloggers and beg our readers to buy me stuff. Except that my two sisters and one brother who read DOH probably don't have the extra cash either.

Alternately, my birthday is coming up within a few weeks. Calling all daughters...

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  1. I now read your blog, but you're right, that's probably all you're getting out of me. Good luck with those girls, though! :-)