Monday, September 19, 2016

Every time I think I've seen it all

Something comes along to befuddle me. Such as a grownup colouring book that features, not something lovely and relaxing (the whole purpose of adult colouring books)...

Available at Amazon. As if.
...but ugly, hideous, stressful, depressing clutter. It boggles the mind. Those of us who suffer from hoarder-like tendencies, and poor housekeeping skills (--oh Freudian slip! I almost typed poor housekeeping kills) don't want to be reminded of our weaknesses when we're trying to relax and de-stress.

Why don't they just make a colouring book of a bedbug infestation, or the Black Hole of Calcutta? Ye gods.

If you must colour a house, then why not one of these?

And if you must colour clutter, then let it be neatly organized and terribly cute.

I want this, Mrs Beazly!

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