Saturday, September 17, 2016

So about that saddle...

I forgot to mention it wasn't actually on a horse, metaphorically or otherwise. It was more like this:

When I go back and read the previous post, I have to laugh at the part about writing "every day." Good heavens, life has been so crazy that it took me two weeks to get back here and check for comments (and Yessssss! There was a comment!).

Actually, I have been writing every day, but emails, texts, journal/diary entries, and correcting your children's grammar and spelling don't really count. Since I've been on hiatus from most of my professional writing jobs for a good two years, it's incredible --and rather depressing-- how difficult it has been to get back in the habit. Why are bad habits (like overeating or watching too much HGTV) always easier to form than good habits?

Let us ponder this is future posts. Let us hope that there will be future posts.

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