Friday, November 27, 2009

UK to crack down on homeschooling families

You couldn't make this up if you tried. Lifesite News reports:

The British government announced last week their acceptance of the Badman Review of home education and introduced the new Children, Schools and Families Bill that will require home educated children to be registered with the local authorities.


Taberner said, "To suggest parents can continue to home educate but then give powers to local authorities to enter our homes and interview our children without an adult being present is just extraordinary. This is nothing short of an attempt to regulate the private lives of people.

"It is a very bad day for civil liberties in this country."

Taberner's group, along with numerous individual homeschooling families, has charged Badman with an anti-family bias and have cited poor research methods and the scarcity of evidence of the need for the changes as the basis for their complaints. At least one MP has called the new measures the preliminary to a government clampdown on homeschoolers that will be an "infringement of civil liberties."

Homeschooling families were furious at the review's results and say the new bill will mean the effective end of the rights of the family in education. The bill will follow recommendations that homeschooling families be subjected to spot-checks by local authorities, and that authorities can interview homeschooled children without the presence of their parents.
Only a fascist government bureaucrat could have a name like "Badman". But I suppose he thinks the work he is doing is double plus good.  

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