Saturday, November 21, 2009

I love this guy. a chaste, intellectual kind of way, of course.

Mark Shea: Why They Stopped Talking about "Global Warming"

because the globe isn't warming and hasn't been for ten years.

The problem is there's this whole politico-cultural-technological hooplah bandwagon that has been steaming on for ten years, ginning up hysteria, justifying sundry government schemes for acquiring power, and affording wealthy elitists more excuses for saying "just enough of me, way too much of you" to poor third worlders and other Undesirables. You can't just dismantle a gigantic machine like that while it is careening through the world. You may as well take a ballpeen hammer to Optimus Prime.

So instead, you make a tactical adjustment. You stop talking about "global warming" and start talking "climate change" instead. It eliminate the problem of having to deal with, you know, facts and stuff. Because the terrific thing about climate is: all it does is change. So everything proves climate change! Brilliant! The machine of hysteria and manipulation can roll on!

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