Sunday, November 29, 2009

Trying to imagine how Mark Steyn and the OHRC will meet next....

    Kookie Pieceman isn't a man. She isn't sweet. She isn't even brown. But she did not allow any of those facts to stop her from launching a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission regarding Mark Steyn's latest musical offering, "Sweet Gingerbread Man".
     "I was shocked by Mr. Steyn's tone," Ms Pieceman stated during a weekend interview. "His fans are apparently eating this up, but any right thinking person would certainly pan it. What benefit can there be in allowing him to sing?"
    Ms Pieceman declined to repeat the harmful words contained in the controversial song, but maintains that in general, "it is likely to expose anthropomorphic baked goods to hatred and contempt."
    Mr. M. Man of Drury Lane, Ottawa, has spent his entire adult life in the baking industry, and concurs with Ms Pieceman's assessment. "This song exposes me to contempt, all right," he asserts. "That, in turn, breeds familiarity. Ever since songs of this genre became popular, everyone seems to think they know me."
    Mr. Steyn could not be reached for comment.


  1. Er, Mrs. Beazly, don't you mean "anthropomorphic baked goods" of... COLOUR? Gingerbread is...of colour.

  2. This is too scary, trust me it will come to pass.

  3. Yes, I suppose I should be more careful about voicing such half-baked ideas where the OHRC is concerned.