Friday, June 17, 2011

Abolish Section 13

Kevin Libin's excellent op-ed piece in the National Post on the Calgary gathering of "human rights" racketeers. This line was rather disturbing:
Where “new realities” means rooting out new varieties of discrimination, even indiscernible types
Er, if it's "indiscernible" then how can it actually be classified as discrimination? No worries; the various HRCs will find a way. And you will pay for it.

H/t to Deborah Gyapong, with whom I heartily agree:
So Mr. Justice Minister Rob Nicholson, when can we see legislation to get rid of this open-ended and illiberal clause? What good is having a majority government if you do not use it to restore Canadian principles of civil rights and legal fair play?
 I also agree with Commentor "Socialism Kills", who says:
 I know some people in the "human rights industry". Without exception, they are the most narrow-minded, zealous, hateful people I have ever met. The sooner we can knee-cap this foolishness and get back to allowing the Courts to deal with human rights, the better.

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