Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kitchen Dreams, Part 3

Mrs. P., will you come and wash the floor under my kitchen range?

So, as Van Morrison sings, "The Healing Has Begun"? I hope you don't mind if I share a few renovation tips with you, illustrated with examples from my very own home.

First of all, don't cover up that plywood too soon! You would be surprised at the ambiance which can be created when your home's natural structural beauty is exposed.

"Can't sleep...giant Meccano earwig will eat me!"
 Second, in the process of refurbishing, be careful not to obliterate any exquisite woodwork left by past generations.

You didn't know Chippendale did basement reno, did you?

Third, always be mindful of electrical safety.

Wow, the transition is so smooth, you wouldn't even know there's wiring behind this wal- BRRRRRZZZAP!!!
 And fourth, remember: there is no room so hideous that curtains won't pretty it up.

No, really. I mean that.
Good luck and happy remodeling!

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  1. Those exposed furnace ducts just slay me (figuratively--perhaps one day they will literally). You really should begin applying to some of those TV home makeover shows--what have you got to lose, except code-violation wiring?