Sunday, August 21, 2011

So I've been away for a while...

...and I haven't really been keeping up. I heard something about someone torching London -  I assume that's a story about the Olympics? And is right-winger Mark Steyn's right-wing book out right-wing yet? Can someone fill me in? Or do I have to Google it myself?

Ha, ha, just doing my Professional Journalist impression. You can be a reporter, too. The CBC wants to
hear your story!

Mrs. P. interjects, but just barely: can't fill in on right-wing hate-monger... too busy reading new Steyn book which just arrived in my mailbox right today. (Thanks, kids, for the Amazon birthday gift certificate!)


  1. Just in case they censor my comment: "My CBC is: a big fat waste of taxpayer funding. Let those who love it pay for it."

  2. It appears they will be quite busy if they elect to delete all the negative comments.