Monday, August 29, 2011


How people who generally don't have any use for saints or gods have no problem promoting the late Jack Layton to that status. I'm sorry for his death, but come on already. Thankfully, some Canadian journalists are refusing to drink the Koolaid.
"...what once would have been deemed mawkish is now considered perfectly appropriate."
Well said, Ms. Blatchford.

And speaking of mawkish, over the top behaviour...

The icing on the cake? "Than" was misspelled by the tattoo "artist", then sloppily corrected. On his skin. Forever. (Even worse scenario: it's still misspelled and the corrections were just Photoshopped. On his skin. Forever).


  1. Maybe the tattoo artist just forgot the comma:

    "Love is better, then anger."

  2. And compassionate care for distressed women is better THAN abortion, NDP supporters. Tattoo that one on, too.

  3. Well said, Mrs. B. I had to endure some cringe-worthy mawkish comments in church yesterday (a visiting pastor, you may be sure). No, not prayers for God's mercy on Mr. Layton's eternal soul, but prayers for us to be more like him, to usher in a society of peace n justice (TM). No mention of the unborn, or how Mr. Layton felt about them.