Monday, December 12, 2011


Too busy playing with new toys. Yes, I know, it's not Christmas yet, but I'm apparently going to cook a turkey for the big family gathering this year, so I want to try this thing out before the fact. (Very unlike me, I know.) Today, we're making the Mother of All Chili recipes.
And the best part (besides getting a better price than this, which I did) is, I didn't have to order it online or drive 200 miles to buy it. Picked it up at my local Co-op grocery/hardware store after Mass today. It feels good to shop locally (even though the dang thing was probably made in China...)


  1. So that's not a photo of your actual cooker oven thingy with the turkey you roasted sitting in it?

  2. No, I was too lazy to take a snap of my roaster, and besides, the chili did not look very impressive in it. I plan to try the roaster out this weekend with a turkey (the second-eldest Miss P. will be home from uni.)
    Last night, I made an apple pie in it, and it actually browned on top quite nicely.