Monday, December 5, 2011

New MacBook update

It's proving to be really handy! It's great for distracting the kids while I get my writing and correspondence done on the Acer. They could play with that amazing Trackpad all day. And they'd have to, wouldn't they, because it didn't come with any games! (What can you possibly say about a computer that doesn't have FreeCell?)

Oy vay! What can you say about a company that doesn't know when to use adverbs?


  1. Mercy. How many Acers have you had? You can download free games for Mac. Your great grandchildren will be using the Mac.

  2. Yes, Ted, I'm sure you're right. Just cranky cuz learning curve too steep. And I still don't have a Word program. Or any of my old files transferred. Or iTunes... Or any idea how to word process... or how to use the photo program or...