Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy Advent

I'm only four days late with this wish, but may you have a peaceful, fruitful Advent season.

...more peaceful and fruitful than mine has been so far. I'm embarrassed to say that we've been so busy running around doing relatively useless things, I have not even had time to set up my own Advent wreath. Peace on earth? I would like fifteen minutes of it on my own schedule...

Here, courtesy of EWTN, is a link to some daily Advent devotions.


  1. We said our Advent prayers over an empty wreath for the first 2 days. I couldn't find the candles I swore I had left over from last year. I must have thrown out whatever unusable stumps were left. On day 3, I broke down and bought new candles. Catholic Housewife FAIL.

  2. I buy pink and purple candles when I see them on sale... spring, summer, whenever (feeling mightily Organized and Competent). Then I promptly lose them in the household clutter. Then I buy more candles (not on sale) the second week of Advent. I eventually find the sale candles... the following summer.

  3. I set up my Advent wreath (including three purple candles, two new and one used from last year, and one white one wrapped in pink ribbon, because I could not find a pink candle last year) on Sunday evening, but have been saying my Advent prayers in my bedroom, not anywhere near my Advent wreath.

  4. ... no relation to Mrs. Jones

    Mrs. Beazly, I miss your Advent contributions of last year. They were a great blessing to me. Any chance we might hear from you this year?