Monday, September 3, 2012

Maybe he's compensating for something

Those who can, do. Those who can't, pretend to be the bestest (ever!) at everything else, even stuff that totally doesn't matter.
In 2010, he began by announcing that he would perform “the best rendition ever” of “Green Eggs and Ham,” ripping into his Sam-I-Ams with unusual conviction.
NYT's Jodi Cantor on the Big 0's arrogance exceedingly healthy sense of self-esteem.
Now Mr. Obama is in the climactic contest of his career, about to receive the ultimate judgment on his performance from the American people.
As one friend emailed some days ago: "I sincerely hope that Obama suffers the most crushing defeat in US presidential election history. He claims to be the most outstanding at everything else, but that is one record I'd like to see him hold."

That's not wishing him ill;  it might benefit him in the long run for his hubris to be taken down a few dozen pegs or so.

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