Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mitt Romney is not joining your curling team

The smart, witty, and boyishly handsome Theo Caldwell on why Canucks should support Mr. Romney.
The Economy:

Canada benefits most when America is open to its products, and has the money to pay for them. Emotionally satisfying as it may be for Canadians to see the Loonie at parity or soaring above the American dollar, a stronger US currency maximizes Canada’s strengths.
(Ain’t that the truth! Some of my overseas writing jobs pay in U.S. dollars and by time the exchange rate kicks in--and stinking Paypal has taken their pound of flesh-- well, ouch.)

There are those who loudly insist our energy must come from wind, solar, and their own sense of self-satisfaction. But even the shrillest of Birkenstocked, Begley-ite, “No Blood for Oil” protesters must, on some level, be practical. Canada’s oil will be tapped and sold. Would they prefer it go to our imperfect ally, the United States, or to a demonstrably malevolent power like the People’s Republic of China? 
And the coup de grĂ¢ce (no double entendre intended):
Finally, if nothing else, consider this: If Obama is re-elected and his socialization of American health care becomes complete, where will Canadians go for treatment when waiting lines at home grow too long?

Ouch again, as Joe Biden would literally say. 

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