Friday, September 21, 2012

Thank Goodness It's Friday With The Avetts: Cars

Today I'm going car-shopping (yet again...yawn... I mean, Oh Yay!) with Mr. P.

It's high time that we found a vehicle to replace the minivan that died last May. Right now we're down to one reliable means of conveyance, and it happens to be our 15-passenger van. (I've always thought we should stencil the nickname "Carbon Footprint" somewhere on it.) I don't particularly like driving it (have certainly never attempted a parallel park in 9 years of ownership), and it just feels plain silly when you need to dash out on an errand and you're roaring around in that behemoth all by yourself. In today's climate (no pun) you almost expect to be scolded in public by some greenie for the sin of offending Gaia.

I don't know what kind of vehicle we'll buy, but it won't be a 63 Ford Galaxie 500 XL (this one is listed at $75,000--yes, you read that right; I didn't put in an extra zero by mistake).

And now, for your Friday listening pleasure, I offer the perennially delightful Seth singing a live rendition of "In the Curve," one of the bonus tracks on the iTunes version of the (uber-fabulous) album Emotionalism.


  1. Can I buy your 15 seat passenger van when you're done with it?
    4 kids still in car-seats & a double pram in the boot have me drooling over those things.

  2. Yes, please. We'll give you the deal of a lifetime.

    It's also very handy for hauling cargo from IKEA (if you take out all the seats). When you move here, you will be able to jaunt to IKEA with Mr. Blurn, because we'll babysit your kids.