Friday, January 18, 2013

Better late than never

I'd meant to post this in November, but then life rather got away on me (as well it might, when you endure not one, but two trips to the ER in four days) and interminable medical tests in the following weeks.

Our local prolife group held an annual event in mid-November, complete with a bake sale. My girls and I made lots of stuff for it, including a gingerbread sleigh, which was given away as a door prize. It was very nearly a complete disaster. First batch of icing (with which to construct the thing): too runny. So instead of  staying together, it was, as the song goes, "Slip Sliding Away". Second batch of icing (with which to decorate): too stiff and dry (wouldn't stick to the gingerbread). Somehow we got it together.

We then dusted it (powdered sugar covers a multitude of sins), 
filled it with candies, and wrapped it in cellophane.

Ah, much better: almost completely obscured!

To keep at home (at the youngest Miss P's insistence), we also made this little gingerbread scene. We kept it under plastic until Christmas, at which time it enjoyed the distinction of being a table centrepiece for a few days. 


  1. That centerpiece is really, really impressive. Did I say I was impressed?

  2. Thank you, ladies. The hardest part was cutting out the reindeer with a tiny paring knife since I don't own a reindeer cookie cutter. Then not burning the cookies, then not breaking any of the cookies once they were baked. Then having really gross icing that wouldn't behave (see post). Then...

    Note I did NOT include close-up photos of anything.

  3. Your GB creations are lovely. It makes me want to tackle something from that book I bought oh so long ago and have never used. Do you still have it ... or do I?

  4. I still have the book. Indeed, I may have used it for the sled template.