Friday, April 12, 2013

Can this be real?

From the Friday files. I challenge you to watch this without weeping (either with laughter or "Dear God, make it stop" civilizational despair). It's a fusion of the Anti-ABBA, Stark Trek, lyrics that would make The Onion writers blush, and Richard Simmons fitness video dance audition rejects. It makes the Trololo guy look like high art.

And it makes me think we should start a new category on DOH: It's Just Too Easy To Make Fun of the Seventies (IJTETMFOTS for short, not to be confused with the IKEA sofa of the same name).

I thought this had to be satire, but these people are real, and they had a show on Swedish TV in the 70s.  They are Armi and Danny.

h/t my teen nieces and daughters, who (like their aunt/mother) should spend less time online and more time reading Shakespeare

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