Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jar Joy

I was inspired by this little post at Oh So Lovely, so I decided to put up my own pictures of my jar storage. I like storing foodstuff in jars (as opposed to opaque bags or plastic tubs) because not only is it practical (you can see the contents), it's also lovely. I enjoy the variety of colours and textures behind the glossy glass.

1 litre (quart) jar on right; 4 litre (gallon) jars on left

Where, you ask, does one find a 4 litre jar? You buy them at Costco, or other local wholesale store, and they are full of dill pickles. The scariest part is that my family went through three of those (plus two 3 -litre jars of Vlasic pickles) in a surprisingly short amount of time. I guess we love our dills. The rustic wood background (above) is the back of this cabinet: old "screen cupboard" built by my husband's grandfather, circa 1930. I love it, and much to my father-in-law's incredulity and amusement, it's going to be a feature of my Rustic Industrial* kitchen reno.

*Rustic Industrial = free stuff from my brother-in-law's century old farm, plus cheap stainless steel track lighting and shelving from IKEA.

I made up (or so I thought) that particular design aesthetic, while in an ironic mood, since it is, in my view, oxymoronic, self-contradictory and whatnot --only to open up a house-and-home magazine two days later in the dentist's office and see that it actually did exist. I should see if "Urban Barnyard" has been coined yet.

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