Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Get fit this Lent on the 20-40-60 plan

Just do it.

OK, first of all, I must admit that this post is not really about fitness--or at least, solely about fitness. Besides, there are many definitions of "fitness" and we should aspire to most of them, not just the one concerning our waistlines. But the sad fact is, more people will click on the link if they think the post is about dieting and losing weight. Admit it, you might not have come here if my title had been: "Get holy this Lent on the 20-40-60 plan!" and the accompanying photo had been this:

St. Teresa of Avila: "The only way to fail is to stop."
Translation: Just do it.

Anyway, I won't judge. Not least because I am the very last person on the planet who should be advising anyone about either holiness or fitness. But both of those states are good, and one is pretty much necessary for salvation, so think of me as a fellow cheerleader and not a coach. As I said in a previous post (about procrastination), one is not really supposed to be divulging one's mortifications and aspirations in Lent, but I am offering this merely as a suggestion.

I have cast about half-heartedly for some sort of project to do (besides giving up Not Blogging), but nothing (so far) has really grabbed my attention--even though I readily admit there are zillions of great programs and projects out there. I guess it just really needed to call my name, and so far, nothing has.

Since I am horrible at time management and being lazy (actually, that was badly worded: I'm very good at being lazy), I decided to try to commit daily to a fairly simple formula: 20* minutes of physical exercise, 40 minutes of prayer, and 60 minutes of doing something really worthwhile with the people I love. It could be "quality time" with kids, husband or a friend. (Or heaven help us, someone who is NOT a friend. Maybe even someone you would rather avoid.) You decide. I'm going to start with my kids and go from there, because I still have enough of them at home to fill my days, and there will be a lot of time (Godwilling) for community activism when my children have all left home.

I'm not trying to start a movement, and I'm not asking anyone to join me. I'm merely throwing out another suggestion for those poor schlubs like me who are still making up their minds about Lenten things and stuff.

*I am not going to be too obsessive about the 20 minutes of daily exercise, since one is supposed to take off-days in order to recuperate and rebuild muscle. I'll try for maybe 4 days out of 7.

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