Monday, March 9, 2015

The problem with not blogging for months

Is that there is so much to catch up on. So much has happened in the last year or so, I could probably fill a book (and I haven't ruled out the possibility of writing one, but we shall see).

In the vintage kitchen department, I've been moderately successful at finding some sweet deals. I'm glad that "thrifting" is now in vogue, because it makes me unashamed of trolling (trawling? strolling?) through second-hand stores looking for neat stuff. (Shopping for used stuff was absolutely verboten in the 70s and 80s, but then, what did we know? We wore our hair like this, for pity's sake).


But I digress.

When in Saskatoon, I often nip into Value Village. Last spring, both Mr. P and I were there (our van was getting an oil change at the Honda dealership next door, and we literally had nowhere else to go within walking distance). I found this sweet little sugar bowl that more or less matches a creamer I'd bought a very long time ago. What luck!

Then came Mr. P's voice from the next aisle: "Hey, isn't this like yours?" And when I turned round, I saw a real, live, vintage, actual RÖMERTOPF® CLAY BAKER.

I already had a clay baker at home, but (lovely though it was) it wasn't a Romertopf, and it wasn't actually mine (it was borrowed from one of my sisters).  I said to him, "You realize I can't leave this here." And not just because these things run into the hundred$ (you can occasionally get them on sale, but they are rarely below $50 a pop), and the one at Value Village was priced at a ridiculous $7.99.

It was in nearly pristine condition (which meant it had been rarely, if ever, used) and it was old (predated the fall of the Berlin Wall). Major score. More on clay bakers later.

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