Monday, January 4, 2016

Some musical groups just cry out to be purchased.

The Burgundian Cadence is one of them. "Burgundian Cadence" … Burgundian Cadence! Saying that is almost like a substitute for chocolate. Their name is so musical, one hardly needs to preview their albums. But of course I did. This one is on my iTunes wish list. (At $52, can't afford it on Amazon.) And it's STILL Christmas, so I can still talk about Christmas music.



  1. That is lovely music. At the risk of making you envious, the MP3 album at Amazon USA is $8.99 and the CD is $15.99.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. (I do have an account, but I tend to order Cdn when it's feasible). The album is reasonably priced on iTunes, too. But I maxed out my Christmas music budget already this year: I recently bought two iTunes albums, a Kings Singers CD, and a Loreena McKennitt CD.