Sunday, January 3, 2016

Well that was an easy review to write.

Worst. Adaptation. Ever.

For the love of Thomas Hardy, don't bother.

One more reason to dislike the perky and yet patently ridiculous Carey Mulligan.

If you want a very VERY fantastic version, watch the 1998 miniseries with Paloma Baeza and Nathaniel Parker.

Or just read the book. (Which is what the producers/writers of the 2015 version evidently failed to do.)

 I have not yet checked out the 1967 Julie Christie version, but frankly, my hopes are not high. In 1967, they did not know how to "do" period drama. The costumes, hair and makeup were invariably atrocious--false eyelashes, eyeliner and backcombed hair bumps? I think not (and that was just the guys).


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