Thursday, May 19, 2016

Well, Daughters, that ol' birthday will be rolling around again soon...

And this way, I can get at least seven hits on this post. So here's a partial list. I'm not greedy, I just like to give you lots of variety to choose from.

The exquisite Nordic Ware "Heritage" Bundt pan. Available here

Le Cuistot Vieille 8L Oval Dutch Oven (Red).
Available AND ON SALE RIGHT NOW! (no pressure) here. 

Cuisinart 3 Qt Dutch Oven (blue)
Available here. 

Cool plant stand from IKEA. Available…where else?

The Moody Blues' best album.
 Amazon (or elsewhere if you can find it cheaper. Or at all.)

Yeah, that's really what it costs.
(But hey, it's come down. It was $47 when I put it on my Wish List.)

Available pretty much everywhere.
(Should I publicly admit that I haven't read this book yet? )


All my life I've longed for one of these…
Amazon again.  (Some cheese knives would be nice too.)

And so would some cheese! You know that I like everything, especially Brie.

Wine and chocolate are also perfectly acceptable birthday gifts.


And then there's... 
Because my capacity for self-delusion KNOWS NO BOUNDS
(If I'd lost a pound for every dollar I've spent on fitness clothing, equipment, and DVDs… )

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