Saturday, January 13, 2018

It is necessary to introduce a new category at DOH

Random internet photo: NOT the author's parking abilities.

The acronym for this category is YJAS. It stands for "Yer Jist As Stoopid" and of course, there is a story behind it.
Many years ago, my sister Mrs. Jones and I were on a girls' road trip to Edmonton, and we went to a Safeway to buy some groceries. (These facts hardly matter, but bear with me.) Driving around the parking lot, we entered a rather narrow lane near the entrance of the store. Having advanced maybe ten or fifteen feet, another car also entered the lane from the opposite end. (A mere glance would have told any competent driver that there was not adequate room for two cars in this lane. And yet the lady entered the lane. So let me be clear: we were there first.)

The weather was hot; our windows were open (this was the olden days, when Air Conditioning was a luxury, and few cars had it). In frustration, Mrs. Jones growled--not terribly loudly, but apparently the hot air waves were playing tricks on us--"You stupid woman." As we slowed to an absolute crawl for the cars to pass each other safely, we came window to window with the offender, who turned to Mrs. Jones, and said curtly, "Yer JIST as stoopid."

Which was really funny. Or at least it seemed so to us. Because--I repeat--we had been there first.

Why am I telling this story? I'm not really sure, but I think so many things in the world are stupid, and getting stupider all the time. The problem is that often, I am JIST as stupid, and when I do things that I think are exceptionally obtuse, I will probably post them under the YJAS label.  Expect to see it often.


  1. Actually, the point is not so much that we were there first, but that the parking rows were one-way (and very narrow) and she was entering from the wrong end.

  2. I had forgotten that. Thank you, Mrs. J.