Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sunday fun

I still don't understand a lot about YouTube, or just, well...the internet in general (for example, I have yet to be convinced that Twitter is good for anything, but I remain open to learning). It amazes me how many funny and creative people are out there, creating content and basically building entertainment empires from the ground up. The Bad Lip Reading folks are a case in point. Their Star Wars music videos are hilarious.

Some of the more famous YouTubers are worth millions, which is kind of mind-boggling, especially since many of them started out with a laptop webcam, sitting on their sofas. But it's a different world than the one in which I grew up (one TV channel, I kid you not). And now I have zero--TV channels, that is. We've given up on the major networks entirely. And why not, since so much of what they do seems intent on destroying the foundations of Western Civ.

Whereas this is just funny. Enjoy.


  1. Then there's this: