Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bits and Pieces

Welcome, Pundit & Pundette readers! And thank you, P&P, for adding us to your "Steynettes" blog roll. (Mrs. P and I are third and fourth from the right in the accompanying photograph.)

I now have Steyn's book. If you can be said to "enjoy" a description of civilization's grave being dug, filled in and danced upon (With the Stars, of course) then I am enjoying it...when I can get it away from Mr. B.

I also now have Sun tv, through the miracle of digital television.   I must say, when Mr. B. told me he'd seen Ezra Levant in an orange wig last week, I was expecting something a bit more masculine.

Summer holidays have kept me off the blogging trail, but this article did catch my eye. We can all breathe easier now - the CBSC has declared that we are allowed to hear the word "faggot", as long as it's in the right context and being used by the right person. Then, and only then, does it lose its mysterious destructive power. So, for instance, if you have a craving for the faggots and peas you saw on Letterman 20 odd years ago, you can now ask for it at your local Loblaws without fear of reprisal.

However, all other uses should be run by the CBSC first. They will let you know where you fall on the "valid in context-insensitive-uncharitable-boorish-cruel-illegal" scale. They are thorough. Check out their parsing of this "Twelve Days of Christmas" parody, and ask yourself if these folks are not exactly suited to decide what words you may or may not hear and use. As I said before, it's probably safest to Ban 'em All.

P.S. Attention, Checked Shirt Wearing Workmen: are you aware of how you're being portrayed in the media? Who can we report this to?


  1. As a country woman who wears a checked shirt whilst camping, and who is married to a man who not infrequently wears checked shirts (to do very manly things, like chopping wood), I object to Mr. Knopfler's use of the "other b-word." What kind of faggot would call someone a bonehead just because he's a man who does real work?

  2. And just so we're all clear, and so I don't get hauled before a Human Rights Commission for hurting anyone's feelings...
    I realize that it's okay for a homosexual man to call another homosexual man a 'faggot', because in that case it's done for fun, as a sort of inside joke, BUT that it's NOT okay for a heterosexual man OR woman to call a homosexual man a faggot--for any reason. And now (since the CBSC ruling) it's OK for a heterosexual artist to pretend to be a heterosexual non-artist (aka "bonehead") and call a homosexual man a faggot, as long as he's doing it for artistic and ironic purposes. (Deep breath). So... is it OK for a relatively non-artistic heterosexual woman to call an artistic heterosexual artist man a faggot, if also done for artistic and ironic reasons? I hope so.