Monday, October 12, 2015

Not pumpkin pie

It's a really long story, but the short version is this: the pumpkin-shaped things we planted (which yielded 22 in total) do NOT taste like pumpkin. So I had to make Thanksgiving pie out of an over-mature zucchini (which had turned orange inside, and actually smelled quite pumpkinish). The result was a rather delicious pie which had a sort-of pumpkin taste, but was more mild --which pleased Miss P #1 (now Mrs. K), who does not like the taste of pumpkin. Thanks to Miss P #6, who mixed up the filling for me, and Misses P #6 and #7, who cut out the cute autumn shapes for the crust). Thanks, Mrs. Beazly, whose vintage Purity Cookbook pie crust recipe continues to be my go-to for easy-to-work-with pastry. And thanks to my neighbour Mrs. B (another Mrs. B) who gave me the zucchini.


  1. Belated wishes for a lovely Thanksgiving. That pie looks great.

    1. Thanks on both counts! (I should have photographed the pie before I stabbed it to see if it was done...)