Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Vegetable Oddities, continued.

Every year we plant Nantes carrots. They are sweet and crisp, they keep well, and the cylindrical shape means your carrot doesn't trail away to a scrawny little nothing at the root end. Like most of these assorted carrot varieties:

But Nature has her way of playing tricks, and you never quite know what will grow for you in any given year. Sometimes, you actually get a perfect carrot: 

I am about to slice it up on my mandolin, wearing --of course-- my cut-resistant glove (they are very fantastic: I would never recommend using  a mandolin slicer without one). Usually, you get typical carrots:  

Typical Nantes carrot
(it was about 7-8 inches long)

Then there are your atypical carrots. Your vegetable oddities, as it were: 

Typical carrot beside a behemoth "Grinning Cyclops"
 (no, that's not a variety; it's a mutation).

The size difference doesn't mean much without some kind of scale for reference, you say? I agree. So I brought in a familiar object to photograph beside the Cyclops. Yes, Virginia, that's a BASEBALL BAT.

(I wonder if anyone has ever been bludgeoned to death by a carrot.)

Or scared to death by one? 

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