Saturday, October 17, 2015

Vegetable Oddities

I'm almost tempted to make this a category by itself (and not just because I've asked Mrs. Beazly to write a short story with that title). It's because nature can be so strange, and when you do vegetable gardening (as we have been, for decades), you see lots of funny veggies. 

Though I don't care for kohlrabi very much, Mr P plants it in our garden nearly every year.  "Kohlrabi" apparently comes from the German words for cabbage and turnip. And yep, that's how it tastes. I don't care how anti-carcinogenic it is-- I can only handle so much in a season. 

For those not familiar with this rather homely vegetable, this is what kohlrabi is supposed to look like: 
The green kind

The red kind 
(though for some odd reason, I call it "purple")

It’s never been a supermarket staple in the U.S., and ten years ago you’d be hard pressed to find it even at a farmers market. But now kohlrabi has exploded from home gardens into markets across the country.
Buddy, you said a mouthful. Below is a specimen Mr P found in our garden this year. Note: it's ONE kohlrabi, not five fused together. 'Exploded' indeed. 

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